Starlink: How to see Starlink satellites 2022

Starlink is a huge satellite system that aims at providing even the most remote areas of the Earth with high-speed Internet service. It has been developed and constructed by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX since 2015.

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Videos and photos have streamed in to our gallery of perfectly lined-up series of lights moving across the night sky since this weekend. Each one is a satellite associated with SpaceX’s Starlink program.

A total of 53 were launched Friday as part of a series of launches for the program that aims to bring broadband internet to the entire globe with more than 3000 satellites in the constellation. The satellites are still brightly visible for another night. And here’s when you can see them.

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According the the website, the line of satellites will appear over Fargo at 8:57 this evening just after twilight and will trek across the night sky for four minutes. Start by looking northwest, and watch as the most recently launched Starlink satellites travel to the southeast.

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The satellites are launched into orbit by batches. As of today, 13 batches have been sent into space, and now 775 solar-powered satellites are orbiting the Earth. Eventually, SpaceX plans to build a massive 12,000-satellite constellation, with a possible later extension of the number to 42,000.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Many KGW viewers shared photos of a string of lights moving above the Oregon sky over the weekend. The lights were a bank of Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. 

But those that remain in orbit can be tracked by those of us on the ground. There are a few online resources that allow you to find out when you can see Starlink satellites parade across the sky.

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First, it’s important to note that when you see a line of satellites, they won’t stay like that forever. They’ll eventually separate to find their own orbits. Because the chains travel so quickly, you may even have the chance to have multiple sightings in one night.

People should look up from the west to the southwest sky. A website that tracks when the Starlink satellites are going to be visible at any given time shows a few more viewing opportunities this week.


Here are two sites that let you see if satellites will be near you anytime soon.

One is Find Starlink, available both as a website and a mobile app. You can track nearby satellite chains in one of three ways.

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“For many people, this is the first time they’re experiencing it … because it’s fairly new,” said Jim Todd, director of space science education at OMSI. “This won’t be the first and there’ll be more in the future.”

First, you can search your location. Major cities are available, so if your hometown doesn’t show up, try a nearby metro. You can also enter your coordinates under the “By Coordinates” tab. If you’d rather view where the satellites are in general, there’s also a “Live Map” tab for that.

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Also available online and via the App Store, relies on tracking data available through to show Starlink locations.

This site uses a Google Earth-like globe to display where Starlink satellites and chains are in orbit. You can click on each satellite to see its recent path, when it was launched, its altitude, and more. If you add a home location on the map, the site will calculate if and when a specific satellite will pass over you.

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